Ring box

A box for rings, where even jewelry gets to higher value.



The box is made of solid oak wood, with a cartridge into which two rings can be inserted.

It is intended for anyone who wants packaging for their rings made of natural material. With its simple aesthetics, the ring box is also suitable as a holder of wedding rings during the ritual. The box is distinguished by clean lines, with hidden hinges and a magnet as a closure.

In spite of its small size, which allows it to carry in the pocket, the box is still large enough to present its contents solemnly.

The box has an engraved “heartbeat” on the top of the lid with various themes. The choice depends on the individual’s aesthetic preferences and the message he wants to highlight with his or her theme.

The cartridge is hand-made of foam and satin fabrics, which gives a clear appearance and flexibility of any shape of the ring. With its softness, it can not damage your precious gift.


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