Wedding box

A chest made from solid wood that will carry your most beautiful memories on the most beautiful day.


The wedding box is made of solid wood of the selected wood.
The box is intended to be given to the newlyweds, as a personalized gift, since, if desired, the names of the newlyweds and the date of their marriage can also be engraved into the cover.
You can fill the content of the box yourself with content, such as sweets, a surprise gift or a card.
It can also be donated for an anniversary by the spouses, since the common box with its symbolism is never obsolete.
The box can store wedding photos, bouquets, wedding cards and tiny memories, which will always be remember on that “day”. On visits you have such a box always at hand, so you can share your joy with others and even grandchildren over the years.
The contents in the box are thus protected against dust, daylight, moisture and damage, as valuable memories will always be safe.


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