Joga block

A gym assistant for performing yoga and other dynamic exercises that will not disappoint you with its strength.


A yoga block made of solid wood is used as a yoga utility.
Wood with its warmth and homeliness contributes to the relaxation of the body.
It helps in positioning, supporting the search for balance, sitting, relieving the affected muscles and relaxing, as you can focus on breathing and the correctness of exercising.
When it is not in use, its aesthetic value is well integrated into the home so that it can be left anywhere in the visible place among the furniture.
Because it is made as a box inside is hollow, it is distinguished by the ease of handling, so that it is with joy used in everyday exercise.
With its strength it is possible to emerge even the most demanding positions and with its stability perfectly tolerates the weight of the whole body.

Dimensions: 23 × 15 × 8cm
Weight: 150g
Material: Maple


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