„Wood is the material of the future“

Wood is the green material of the future that is showing to us its value trough the time. Its structure, non-homogeneity and diversity enable us to achieve a high aesthetic value of wood products and is necessary for a good appearance and a nice presentation of your product as it adds value to your product.

The material provides a long lifetime of the product

By selecting wooden packaging, you are promoting the CURRICULAR ECONOMY strategy because products are not exhausted after the first use, so that you can use them repeatedly, you can use the already used packaging in a variety of other non-purpose requirements. This gives the product a high added value and justifies your purchase.

Wood is part of nature!

The problem of waste packaging and its processing is minimal with wooden packaging, since the packaging and other products are made of natural RENEWABLE RAW MATERIALS, they are BIO-expandable and therefore do not burden the environment as waste. Wood in a modern low carbon society represents a large carbon dioxide store. One cubic meter of timber products contains the equivalent of two tonnes of locked CO2. By using such products, you can help prevent climate change - global warming.

A wide selection of raw materials

For the production of our products we use solid wood of various tree species (spruce, oak, maple, pear, walnut, cherry, beech, ...), plywood, and occasionally other wooden composites. The products are solid and aesthetically complete due to careful selection of materials. Wooden box gives a feeling of comfort and homeliness, and wood with its texture and appearance satisfies even the most demanding customer.


METAL FITTINGS We use quality metal fittings - hinges and clasps that extend the life of products.

We use only fittings that can be screwed in with screws, since only such a way of fixing enables permanent functionality and strength. If a customer wants, certain metal fittings may also be custom-made, thus further personalizing the finished product.