"Custom-made products are the perfect solution to your problem!"


We are a Slovenian company that works with Slovenian wood, which we have around us at our fingertips. We believe that the company is the people who work in it. Our products are made with care and contain a lot of manual work. We specialize in wooden packaging for small items intended for those who need solid and aesthetic packaging of natural materials for their products, little shopping equipment, and we also produce other wooden products that will enrich you everyday. The exterior and interior of our packaging are of the same high quality, which can be useful when presenting your items.

"Custom-made products are the perfect solution to your problem!"

We are constantly engaged in the research of materials, technologies and innovations, because almost every product requires its own approach and often also development, especially when a customer turns to us with a new idea and need, so we are developing a brand new product together.

Reliable supplier

Need a reliable supplier that understands and helps you develop your idea. You need a supplier who supplies you with products in an agreed time and with a sample quality.

We are here for you.


All you need for your project, ...


All wooden packaging and other products can be printed with logos with several different techniques; burning, laser engraving, tampoprint, screen printing, metal tile, ... The printed products remain a permanent reminder of your brand, even after completing primary use.


We also offer the production of "turn-key" products, if it is necessary to incorporate other materials (metal, wire, plexiglass, mirrors ...) we arrange everything necessary to get the finished product. We are also engaged in the manufacture of metal products by means of a reliable supply chain of partner companies.


All products can also be protected and packaged into cardboard boxes, which are made specifically for your project, so your distribution is much easier and faster.


We help you to realize your idea from conceptual design to final product and serial production. With the help of subcontractors we offer a full range of services and materials that exist on the market.


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Company data:


MARGANT, leseni izdelki, d.o.o.


Jamnica 9

1370 Logatec


Bank: SI56 6100 0000 7517 459

VAT: SI17750318

Comp.reg.no.: 6616844000



tel: 031853141



Made in Slovenia, made in Europe, by locals, with local material.