Cookies box

A box for cookies with a sliding cover. When the biscuits are eaten, the box can also be used for other purposes.


The cupcake box is intended to be handed over to the invited wedding guests as a gift, thanksgiving and memory of the wedding day. The dedication that the newlyweds choose will be engraved on the cover of the box as a dedication to their day.
Because it is often customary for guests to get wedding present together with cakes and cookies in which they can enjoy the next day at the coffee or tea and remember the wedding ceremony and wedding, the box can also be filled with biscuites. Once the cake is eaten, the box will remain with the dedication as a reminder of this wonderful event. The box, however, will be able to get a new purpose because guests will be able to fill it with its new content, and it will keep it rejuvenated and remembered for many years.

The box is made of birch plywood. The box is coated with oil, but it can also be supplied uncoated raw.


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