Bottle box with hinges

Wooden boxes with hinges with purpose of the presentation of wines and winemakers


Bottle boxes are made of solid spruce wood.
They are distinguished by their unique design, as they do not have a classic look with a finger joint connection, and thus separate from other boxes on the market.
The boxes are designed to fit as much as possible to the bottle that will lay in it, so that the space arround is only about 0.5cm. The boxes are smooth and the edges are round.
Personalization on the cover, both outside and inside, is possible.
Clasps and hinges are screwed, which allows for greater robustness and longer service life of the box itself.
A quality and personalized box reflects the wine-maker’s attitude towards wine and customers, who only serves the best.
Because there are a large number of different types of bottles on the market, the boxes are made only by request.


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